Clinical Officers call off strike following a court order

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By Mourice Seretta  

The Kenya Union of Clinical Officers (KUCO) on Tuesday called off their industrial strike after 70 days.

This is after the Labour Court through Justice Maureen Onyango issued an order asking them to report back to work immediately.

Addressing members of the fourth estate on Tuesday, the Union’s chairman Peter Wachira directed all members to report back to work.

Wachira however maintained that the issues that pushed them out of their workstations remain unresolved.

“We left work because the working environment was not safe. As we go back we know we are going to suffer because nothing has changed. We urge members not to work in an environment where you know the environment is not safe,” Wachira said.

Wachira added that there has been a big crisis in the health sector because of lack of a health service commission.

“We were the ones who were spreading Covid-19 because of lack of proper personal protective equipment. Since we went on strike no healthcare worker has lost their lives due to Covid.”

Wachira said the clinical officers will obey the court order issued by Justice Maureen Onyango even though their demands are yet to be met.

“We therefore wish to inform our members, all health workers and the general public that even though we have complied with the court order, we shall not voluntarily expose ourselves. We shall only offer services when supplied with appropriate protective gear. We remain vigilant and focused to ensuring that the welfare, rights and safety of Clinical Officers is upheld at all time,’ Wachira further said.

Onyango, in her ruling, ordered that all disciplinary procedures against the clinical officers be stopped and that employers pay salaries for all workers.

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