Lobby Calls for Disapproval of BBI

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A youths’ caucus namely Youths Against BBI has on Monday condemned the constitution amendment Bill, BBI for ignoring the voices of the minor.

They want counties to fall the bill and Kenyans vote no for the amendment.

The young people led by it’s national chairman Michael Rapudo are vehemently opposing the amendment Bill which seeks to achieve political interests while enticing women and youths to vote for it on referendum.

They said an innovation and startup fund would enable youths generate income through business rather than tax holidays promised.

The youths named the Bill a fraud as it proposes more funds to counties contrary to Article 255 of the constitution which doesn’t need a referendum to devolve more money to counties.

“We have seen no goodwill from Jubilee regime in timely disbursement of funds. Counties are constantly cash strapped, no fiscal responsibility and accountability in prudent use of money to transform lives of Kenyans,” said Rapudo.

He said the government mainly depends on loans to sustain it’s annual budget and remitting cash 750 million is an empty ruse.

Kennedy Odueo a member of the caucus condemned president Uhuru Kenyatta for humiliating and intimidating his critics and those opposed to the BBI.

He said if the Bill was good enough, people would vote it in without persuasion nor the goodies promised.

“Kenyans are already burdened by huge wage bill and over representation as per auditor general report 2014, there’s no correlation between increased number of legislators and improving lives of Kenyans. We are yearning for improved, compassionate and visionary leadership,” he said.

The youths have vowed to vote no for the constitution amendment Bill, 2020.

This follows after fourteen counties sails through the Bill, eyeing for referendum.

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