Raila Odinga’s statement thanking County Assemblies for passing BBI bill

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County assemblies have been able to push back on a year-long campaign of lies, misinformation and undue influence on a document whose centre piece is ensuring prosperity and equitable sharing of the same.

I thank the members of those county assemblies and our governors who refused to give in to mistrust, cynicism, brinkmanship and fear mongering and passed the Bill resoundingly.

As I said during the launch of the collection of signatures on the Bill, I have worked with our people on processes of change like this for a long time. I know for a fact that Kenyans are not slow learners when it comes to recognizing and seizing moments of change.

That faith stands reaffirmed and renewed.

With the dramatic and strong conclusion of the exercise today, we are extremely close to giving our people the reforms they need to create a united, inclusive, stable and prosperous nation that also deals decisively with the crime of corruption.

I now look forward to working with our two houses of Parliament in the coming weeks as we move confidently towards a referendum.

As a people, let us continue being driven by our hopes, not our fears, in search of the unity and prosperity we all desire and deserve.

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