Meet JIVU the Afro Fusion Kenyan Artists.

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JIVU which means Grey or Ash in Swahili is an Afro Fusion Singer/Songwriter duo from Nairobi, Kenya.

The two, Johnson Keragori (Uncle K.) and Chege Anderson present a dynamic combination of urban African music makers.

The duo say that they are into that vibe that reminds women that they are worth being sang about. We love them.

“We love our women, and this is why our music stems from a place where manners, gentleness and chivalry were and still are the in thing… You’ll feel it in our chords and music arrangements that will leave you happy you chose us,” said JIVU.

Their journey up to date has covered a deal of monumental studio recordings ranging from songs, musicals, sound montages – gracing different stages and working to deliver sweet vibes to the corporates they work with.

JIVU’s debut EP ‘Hayawi Hayawi’ and other music is available on all music platforms worldwide.

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