Johnson Nzioka takes over as KEPSHA Ag National Chair as Nicholas Gathemia retires

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By Mourice Seretta

The Kenya Primary Schools Headteachers Association (KEPSHA) has a new acting National Chairperson after its former Chairperson Nicholas Gathemia officially retired on 3th March 2021.

The KEPSHA constitution indicates that one ceases to be an official of the National Board after attaining the mandatory retirement age, if one dies or resigns.

KEPSHA Deputy Chairperson Johnson Matheka Nzioka took over the post in acting capacity until the board either confirms him or otherwise.

Nzioka was sworn in on 3rd March 2021 after the board met in Nairobi to deliberate on the matter and also discuss matters education and teachers at large.

Nzioka addresses the media after taking the oath of office on 3rd March 2021.

In his acceptance speech during the event that took place at a Nairobi Hotel, Nzioka promised KEPSHA members that number more than 24, 000 across the country servant leadership that will be based on dialogue and negotiation.

‘I am also going to ensure that our members are empowered to nurture education across primary schools in the country,’ Nzioka said.

He also promised to continue to promote the spirit of partnership that has been there in the past.

‘My acceptance speech will not be complete if I fail to thank the outgoing chairman. He has done tremendous work during his tenure. I also wish to thank the founding members of the association. I promise to continue with their ideas at conception of the association,’ Nzioka stated.

KEPSHA also took time to remember their fallen members who succumbed to Covid-19 related illnesses stating that the pandemic that has ravaged the country for the past one year had dealt a big blow to the association and took a moment of silence to honor them.

KEPSHA officlas with a lawyer sign official documents during the ceremony at a Nairobi Hotel on 3rd March 2021.

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