Kananu drums up support for BBI,warns against propaganda

Nairobi Deputy Governor Ann Kananu has urged Nairobi City residents to support the BBI constitutional Bill,2020.
The DG on Sunday said that she will join hands with other leaders in Nairobi to sensitize residents on the contents of the bill which she said wil help spur development in Nairobi.
Speaking at the A.I.P.C.A church in Utawala where she attended a fundraiser to complete the construction of the Church, Ms Kananu said that it is important for Nairobi residents to read the document and understand why they have to support it.

” We are going to sensitize you but for now stop listening  to propaganda about BBI which I can assure you is good for all of us,” she said.
Former Dagotetti South MP,  Dennis Waweru said Kenyans of all walks of life stood to benefit  more when there’s economic stability and that is what President Uhuru Kenyatta wants for Kenyans.  Waweru noted that BBI will enhance gains made under devolution and exuded confidence that Kenyans will overwhelmingly   vote for it.

Nairobi County Assembly Women caucus leader Doris Kanario speaks to the church congregation.She called on women to support BBI

 “The moment we got the 1 million signatures it was a greenlight to take the Bill to the County assemblies. I expect no Governor to oppose BBI because through it, more resources will be allocated to counties.”  

Utawala Ward MCA Patric Karani said that Nairobi residents are willing to support the process as long as they are convinced of its bnefits.Karani urged the DG to use her time well and help solve perenial lland issues in Nairobi and especially in Utawala area.
The DG assuered residents that all public land will be put to its rightful use, adding that there was need to protect such land from grabbers.

Utawala MCA Patrick Karani said that it is possible for all Nairobi residents to support the BBI Bill once they understand the contents

 “Any public land in this area should be allocated for the construction of hospitals, schools and churches. My government will readily support the construction of these structures. We will always strive to secure the future of our children.”  she noted

The Governor also thanked President, Uhuru Kenyatta  for holding her  hand and believing in women leadership. 

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