Hennessy to support Kenyan bartenders

As part of its commitment to support the hospitality industry, the world’s leading cognac, Hennessy has once again partnered with bartenders across the globe for the 2nd edition of the #HennessyMyWay, an initiative meant to help bartenders remain creative while refining their craft.

Hennessy further made a commitment to support participating bartenders in Kenya financially.

To kick off the competition in Kenya, Hennessy held an event where the participating bartenders showcased their art of making cocktails. The cocktails are part of entries to the global competition.

“Across the globe, we see the huge impact that the evolution of the COVID-19 pandemic is having on the hospitality industry and its severe repercussions for business and individuals alike. As many bars are closed, bartenders isolated at home and their consumers in a similar situation, Hennessy wanted to find a way to support those whose source of income has been adversely
affected by the closure of their place of work.”

Alexandre Helaine, Moet Hennessy Market Manager Eastern Africa.

In addition to each participating bartender’s financial remuneration, the top five winners globally will receive the premium cognac Hennessy Paradis MAGNUM signed by M. Maurice Hennessy (RRP 2000€ per unit).

The winners will also be invited to the inaugural Pioneers Summit @ Hennessy Maison (Cognac) in 2022

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