CS Keter says Kenya Power not in competition with Solar energy

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By Tobby Otum

The government’s Kenya Power and Lighting Company is not in competition with solar energy production in the supply of electricity in the country.

Energy Cabinet Secretary Charles Keter downplayed the high cost of electricity as compared to solar energy.

He said the government instead complements solar energy production with its full blessings.

“There is no competition between the government and solar energy which is flooding the energy sector market,” he said.

Keter said from where he sits, he complements efforts being made by the solar energy sector.

He spoke during an induction retreat for senate committee on energy at Serena Beach hotel in Mombasa county.

The CS said the government encourages and complements solar energy dismissing claims the sector has brought competition with the government in the supply of electricity.

Keter, who was flanked by the newly constituted senate energy committee under the stewardship of Ephraim Mwangi Maina, told journalists with the solar energy coming into the picture it will make the government move some mega watts to be used for other purposes.

“The solar energy will complement the government and it will move the mega watts to other sectors,” he pointed out.

The CS dispelled fear the coming of solar energy product will make the electricity suppliers ran for their money.

Keter said solar energy can use some apparatus only through the electricity suppliers.

“The move by the solar power sector is provided for in the law,” he pointed out.

On his part, the committee chairman said they are much concerned with the cost of supply of power today in the entire country.

Maina said they have a lot of presentations from members of public regarding the cost of power in the country.

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