Hope for Traders as Kenya, UK Deal is Ratified

By Shadrack Musumba

Joy to traders and farmers as Kenya, UK trade deal ratification is completed.

The treaty seeks to facilitate trade in goods, providing Kenya with duty-free and quota free to the UK market.

It will also support jobs and economic development in Kenya, as well as avoid possible disruption to UK businesses such as florists who will be able to maintain tariff-free supply routes for Kenya’s high-quality flowers.

According to Cabinet Secretary for Trade Industry and Enterprises Development Mrs Betty Maina, a good range of products that Kenyans are exporting to the UK market have been seen and learnt great potential that is there waiting particularly in niche products.

“We are witnessing today a world of opportunities founded on the Economic Partnership Agreement(EPA) that Kenya and the UK have signed and ratified. I want to challenge our private sector to study our market analysis to see where the opportunities are, both in traditional exports (coffee, tea, flowers, fruits and vegetables) and in new products whose potential remains largely untapped including pulses and herbs, honey, nuts, fisheries, livestock textiles and apparels, leather and footwear products,” she said.

Mandera South Mp Adan Haji Ali who doubles up as the Chairman Trade, Industry and Cooperative Committee of the National joined a thanksgiving reception hosted by CS Betty Maina for the technical team involved in the negotiations of the just concluded EPA.

Hon Haji Ali commended the team for job well done and assured them of his committee’s support to resource agencies that will be involved in enforcement of the EPA such as Kenya Trade Remedies Agency.

The Kenya-UK negotiators were drawn from civil servants from State Department of Trade, State Law office, and the presidential Delivery Unit.

The chief Negotiator was Principal Secretary for Trade Amb. Johnson Weru.

“I am thrilled the Kenya-UK EPA affords Livestock farmers particularly those living in Northern part of the country huge opportunity to Export Meat, Leather and Camel Milk to UK duty free-and Quota- free” Hon Adan stated.

Hon Haji urged the Government to ensure necessary safeguards and logistical support is put in place so that our farmers can exploit opportunities presented by the EPA fully.

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