TIA Clinic Offers Non Surgical Aesthetics to Make you Look 20 years Younger

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By Grace Mwende

Over the years, the market for elective surgery and cosmetic procedures have continued to gain popularity despite the harsh side effects that come with it.

While most people want to change their looks for better not all are bold enough to go for surgeries.

What if you are given the choice for non surgery?

Tia Clinics is an Aesthetic and Wellness clinic, specializing in Non-Surgical Facelifts, Hair Transplants, Anti-oxidant Therapy and Pain Management.

The clinic is the first in the country to introduce non-surgical facelifts.

Located at Skymall in Parklands, the clinic also offers lots of other aesthetic treatments like Peels, Fillers, Medical Facials, Microdermabrasion, Micro-needling among others.

The Non-Surgical facelifts are also known as lunch time lifts because they can be done in an hour’s time. They are painless procedures that lift the face and any body part using products called threads that induce collagen in the skin, hence tightening your own skin.

This procedure has no down time and there is no scaring at all. The pain is minimal and results are immediate.

Dr.Arshni Malde, the managing director of Tia clinic and aesthetic doctor notes that one of the main benefits of the procedure is there is no pain and it takes only an hour and you can go back to your business.

According to Dr.Arshni 70% of the transformation is instant and the rest of 30% will show in about a months.

While Social media has played a major role in creating awareness on the possibilities of aesthetic surgery, most people are still in the dark when it comes to non Surgical aesthetic.

As Dr. Arshini explains lack of awareness leaves most people who are not comfortable to go for cosmetic surgeries with no option.

While the recovery period for some cosmetic surgery can take up to 6 months most non surgical procedure do not need recovery period.

The non Surgical procedure is also completely natural which guarantees no side effects.

“For the hair transplant we remove your own hair from stronger areas and plant it back on the base where it is bald. This takes eight months to grow and give you full-fledged results with guaranteed hair for the next 20 years,” she said.

The clinic, which was opened earlier in 2020 is the first to offer this kind of services in Kenya.

“ I often saw the need of aesthetic in Kenya because everybody wants to look good and most people don’t know what to do, which pushes most people to go to random cook shops which often don’t work and those who can afford have to go abroad for the procedure which is not cheap,” she added.

According Dr.Arshni the procedure is 40 to 50 times more expensive in US compared to what she charges. Cost ranges from sh 100,000 to sh600,000 at the clinic.

“You do not have to accept the fact that you are getting old, while you can always look young,” says Dr. Arshni Malde.

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