Nairobi County Employees to get 500m Mortgage and Car Loans

Nairobi City County Government employees will now be eligible to 500 million Shillings in car loans and mortgages starting July this year.

The plan was approved by the county assembly last week in the Nairobi County Annual Development Plan for the 2021/2022 financial year.

It proposes a number of allocations that will see the employees get additional benefits and see an increase in the Public Service Management docket budget from 708 million Shillings to 2.7 billion Shillings.

This means that the county’s staff will access the allocated 250 million Shillings for car loans and 250 million Shillings for mortgages from the next financial year. The allocations have been captured under the continuing vote.

The County Executive Committee (CEC) also supported the timing of the allocations, which comes ahead of next year’s General Election saying that her department had been pushing for the funds.

This comes shortly after City Hall allocated, last month, Sh246 million for MCAs car grant. The funds were factored into the supplementary budget that is awaiting approval by the assembly. The grant followed a pledge by President Uhuru Kenyatta during a meeting with MCAs at the Sagana State Lodge in January.

In unison, the Nairobi County government has set aside 100 million Shillings for a voluntary early retirement scheme for its staff aged 50 years and above. This is aimed at getting rid of an aging workforce as well as reduce City Hall’s bloated wage bill.

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