Unwinding the riddle behind Jenifer Wambua’s murder

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By James Macharia
When reports of her missing entered into public gallery, many thought it was just a mere drama. Less took the matter seriously.

But days after the hits and misses of searching for Jenifer Wambua, who till her disappearance had been working as the deputy communications director at the National Lands Commission (NLC), we unleash the mystery behind it all.

Jenifer Wambua went missing on Friday morning, hours after Mr Joseph Komu, her husband dropped her at workplace. It was around 10:00am when she left her office on the fourth floor of Ardhi house as sources say. Officers from Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI) are in a puzzle of how Jenifer Wambua’s lifeless body ended up in Ngong forest.

While preparing to do a postmortem on the body, pathologists maintain that, based on the nature of injuries inflicted on Wambua’s body ,she was tortured and killed elsewhere but later dumped in the forest. Wambua seems to have been strangled to death since her body also bore some bruises around her neck as well as legs and arms.

Wambua was to appear in Nairobi’s Milimani high court today to serve as a witness in a ksh.122million graft case from the Government Advertising Agency(GAA).

Former GGA boss Dennis Chebitweyi, former broadcasting Principal Secretary Sammy Itemere, Lugari legislator Ayub Savula, his two wives Gatwiri Ringera and Hellen Kemboi ,together with 18 others are featured in the graft case.

Detectives have confessed that it will definitely be an uphill task to figure out the conspirators of Jennifer’s death since she had left her phone and other personal effects inside her husband’s car. Of late,mobile phones have been so critical in tracing and intercepting criminals.

Mr Komu, Jennifer’s husband works in the ministry of Agriculture whose offices are in Kilimo house headquarters. Wambua might have smelt a rat and knowing that her life was in danger as she looked distracted and nervous at the time she dropped her belongings in the family car packed right outside the Hill plaza. Having been confirmed from her colleagues, family and the last two people to talk to the late Jenifer-the security guards at one of the entrance of Hill plaza.

“We asked her if she was okay. he did not respond. She proceeded to the car, unlocked it and dropped her belongings.” The guards told media.

Questions which are still lingering in the minds of many is how and why the government scored a nil in securing the witness of such a huge graft case.

It’s so disheartening that the focus of the state will now shift from seeking to persecute the perpetrators of fraud to first of all hunting for the real killers of the innocent Jenifer.

Now, eyes of both Jennifer’s family and members of the society are on the Judiciary and the executive too to see justice on course. For long, the Judiciary has been receiving more reproach than praise over claims of creating fertile grounds for impunity and fraud by persecuting the innocent and leaving the guilty to go scot-free.

If the guilty is financially afloat, just uses money to manipulate justice and masking evidence.

Jenifer might have had dreams over her life but, damn it!

Gods of another fate had different plans.

It may be hearting to the family of the gone-soon Jenifer, but one thing will surely alleviate their unexplainable pain, passionately hunting for the merciless killers and making them face the full wrath of the law to the last mile.

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