DP Ruto’s position as Jubilee Party Leader coming to an end

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By James Macharia

On account of the evident squabbles which have been happening inside the Jubilee party,deputy president William Ruto could be walking on a tight rope.

His relationship with president Uhuru Kenyatta is seemingly growing dull day by day.

Uhuru’s recent sentiments have exposed his broken rapport with his deputy and they’re no longer calling each other ‘my brother.’ But when did it start blowing hot and cold between president Kenyatta and his deputy William Ruto?

Immediately when the duo won the 2017 general elections as well as the then followed repeat polls, they were to focus on the party’s main agenda; delivering on the Kenyans as per their manifesto. Ruto is said to have done the opposite. He instead, started to campaign for the 2022 presidential election for himself convincing Kenyans that he was the most fit to succeed his boss.

Ruto’s allies also toed to his line and followed the same path. The started citing opposition’s intrusion into Jubilee’s bedroom when president Kenyatta did a handshake with its chief Raila Odinga.

The aftermath of the two political heavyweights’ pacts was a document proposing for an amendment of the 2010 constitution.

Ruto and allies also cited unnecessary leadership positions proposed by the Building Bridges Innitiative (BBI) and would create more burden to weary Kenyans interms of wage bill.

They vehemently opposed the document and won’t at all subscribe to the document’s agenda. President Kenyatta on the other hand, as a result, turned repellant and fired a warning shot to his deputy and allies to align to the party’s policy ,failure to which the worst was awaiting.

William Ruto has also differed with the government over the proposed plebiscite which is set to happen on July 2021. Together with his allies, Ruto has said that the cost of carrying out a referendum is ridiculously high especially at a time the country’s economy is on a deathbed.

David Murathe, Jubilee’s Vice Chairman has not in one or two occasions, been quoted saying that he’ll spearhead Ruto’s ouster as the party’s deputy chief. Simillarly, the party’s Secretary General Raphael Tuju has been quoted saying that on the issue of Ruto’s ouster, it’s not a matter of if, but when.

Though he has not publicly denounced Jubilee party,the DP has of late been allying with United Development Alliance(UDA)party,and even in the recent by-elections supported candidates vieying using its ticket.This is what pained Uhuru Kenyatta most and even told off his deputy publicly that if he supports Jubilee he should remain in and if not,he should pack and go.

It’s this broken marriage between Uhuru and Ruto that saw Ruto-allied leaders kicked out of critical positions in the government.

Aden Duale lost his Majority Leader seat in the National Assembly courtesy of Uhuru-Ruto sunken relationship. Mumias East legislator Benjamin Washiali, Nakuru senator Susan Kihika as Senate majority whip,Kipchumba Murkomen as Senate majority leader, Kithure Kindiki, Cecily Mbarire, just a few to mention were also not spared. Kikuyu Member of Parliament was changed from a Chairman of the Budget committee in the national assembly to the catering department which was seen as a demotion.

To their side, Ruto’s allies ,to counter face the sentiments by their critics have said that their plan to kick Ruto out is late and inconsequential. They’ve said that Ruto moved on long time ago and he’s now marching on to a mission to  salvage the forgotten hustler in Kenya.

Kiharu Mp Ndindi Nyoro has said that Ruto is soldiering on and never to turn back again.

Ruto has been using the hustler narrative to attack the dynasties who he says that have branded themselves as the demagogs of power but it should dawn to them that their days are numbered.

It’s yet clear on which party ticket will the DP use in the coming 2022 general elections.

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