KEMSA: Mystery as Prime suspects remain unspotted

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By James Macharia

Despite the presence of raft of legal stipulated procurement protocols in Kenya, Kemsa’s recent procurement scandals have unveiled how the rules have been flouted by the governments’ procurement entities.

Fresh investigations continue to shed light on how various organisations illegally benefitted from massive fraud at Kemsa with individuals getting lucrative supply tenders devoid authorised application procedures.

When the history of one of the biggest Kemsa’s ‘money heist’ is written, Eunice Cherono is in the heart of it. 

Cherono’s company, despite dealing in interior design, it’s still unclear it ended up winning a Ksh4.2billion contract to supply PPEs at Kemsa.

Cherono maintains that that her winning of the tender came through prayers and strong faith in God.

Reliable sources put it clear that the criteria of choosing those eligible for the tenders was as easy as just a mere pointing with a finger and handpicking.

In the 7.8bn tender row, there’s also the untold story of the Klig Limited.

A Company whose story left investigators mouth-opened. This company, whose bid of clinching Kemsa’s tender is attributed to its latent links to a top Jubilee politician did so (winning the tender) barely a month after its full registration.

Klig Limited was registered as a company on January 22, weeks before Africa reported its first Coronavirus case.

The company got a handpick and awarded a 4 billion offer to supply PPEs, Whereas its facemasks, foot wears and overalls were charged as much as double the ordinary price of each item.

It’s unfortunate that such vice is happening at a time weary Kenyans are wallowing in haunting covid-19 woes.

And to put a hot nail on the already existing wound, health CS Mutahi Kagwe has issued a warning of a possible third wave of the deadly virus.The CS also reiterated that Kenyans should revive their vigilance and caution to strict adherence of the covid-19 containment protocols as it seems more severe than prior infections.

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