Less fortunate families in the country to benefit from foodstuffs from a private firm

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By Tobby Otum

Less fortunate families in the country will benefit from assorted foodstuff worth Sh 110 million to alleviate the hardship brought about by the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Grain Bulk Handlers director Solomon Ondego said the distribution of the assorted foodstuff targets vulnerable families courtesy of the Jaffer Foundation.

He said this year they have resolved to assist the less fortunate families ahead of this year’s holy month of Ramadhan.

“We are to ensure each less fortunate family has food for one month in all the 47 counties,” he pointed out.

Ondego said any family that falls under the category of being vulnerable will automatically get the package of assorted foodstuff.

He spoke during the packaging of the commodities at Shimanzi area in Mvita constituency, Mombasa county.

The Grain Bulk Handlers director said this year’s distribution of the foodstuff unfortunately coincides with the worldwide outbreak of the deadly pandemic.

Ondego said each of the 20,000 bags of assorted foodstuff has cost the company Sh 5,000 to assist those in society who struggle to make ends meet.

He said it is regretful that at the moment the vulnerable in society are suffering economic hardships due to the pandemic.

“We hope the company’s humble contribution will give some relief to the vulnerable families,” he said.

The Grain Bulk Handlers director said their target is to reach 20,000 families not only in the coast region but the whole county.

On his part, the Foundation CEO Yusuf Jiwa said this year they have moved away from the traditional distribution of the foodstuff to Muslims only during the holy month of Ramadhan to also include all the vulnerable families.

He said the distribution of foodstuff is giving back something to the society through the company program

“Every year the company gives back to the society through the distribution of food to the less fortunate members of society,” he pointed out.

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