How to buy airtime with Fuliza from Safaricom

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When Safaricom came up with the Fuliza product, it seemed like an illusion. But now, the overdraft facility has taken over the country by storm. Almost everyone is talking about Fuliza and almost everyone has a Fuliza overdraft somewhere.

In six months to September 2020, Safaricom customers took 149.4 billion shillings from Fuliza, an increase from 112.2 billion shillings a year earlier, indicating a daily borrowing of 830 million shillings per day.

Fuliza is recovered directly from an M-Pesa wallet as soon as the subscriber tops up. This means it is not easy for a subscriber to default on paying Fuliza as long as he/she is using the same line to send and receive cash.

Initially, it was designed for shoppers while paying for goods and services through Lipa Na M-Pesa, to top up in case they do not have enough money in their M-Pesa wallet.

Now, did you know that you can actually buy airtime directly from Fuliza?

There are those times you may have a Fuliza, but you do not have the time to buy an actual a scratch card or you do not have any money on Mpesa and you are using an overdraft.

It was once thought impossible to buy airtime via your Fuliza Account. However, Tupay Technology Paybill number 737373 allows you to buy airtime using Fuliza.

Here is how:

  1. Go to the M-Pesa menu.
  2. Select the Pay Bill option.
  3. Enter the business number which is 737373.
  4. Enter your number as the account number
  5. Enter the amount of Airtime you wish to buy.
  6. Enter your PIN number and click send.
  7. You will be prompted to check the details of the transaction for 25 seconds.
  8. Choose option 1 to Fuliza to pay for the transactions.

In case you have not registered for Fuliza, first, you need to be an M-PESA registered customer with an active Safaricom line, then Dial *234# and Select Fuliza.

For checking Fuliza balance, Dial *234#, Select Fuliza M-PESA to check your limit, balance, mini statement, and an opt-out option. Every time you transact using Fuliza, you will be notified of the outstanding Fuliza amount.

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