Defiant Digital App operators given 30 days notice to comply

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By Fred Maingi

Defiant digital App operators in Kenya have been issued with a 30 days notice to expect a massive switch off from operation and subsequent diletion.

In addition,all drivers and car owners operating on the defiant apps have been advised to download MY RIDE app and prepare for the eagerly awaited mass migration to the said App.

Addressing the media in Nairobi،Wycliffe Alutalala who is the secretary general of the Ehailing Transporters Kenya said enough is enough and thereby advised their customers to download MY RIDE app once it is announced.

“For the last six years,this business has operated without any government regulations with no proper legal guidelines on how the stakeholders should operate and lack of unity among our leadership.However,the business operations model,rules and regulations have been set by only one stakeholder namely the digital app owners” Observed Alutalala.

Wycliffe Alutalala with white T-shirt makes a statement in Nairobi flanked by Members of the drivers and Car owners Digital Taxi Self regulation under the banner of E Hailing Transport Kenya.
Photo /Fred Maingi

“The app owners,he added,have dictated the prices,pricing models, commissions,cars to onboard on their platforms have blatantly dictated which laws can govern their operations which is not fair “

Alutalala who was flanked by over 30 members from the Kenya digital taxi regulators drown from various counties accused Uber,Bolt and little Cab for oppressing their workers and failing to support their course.

The major highlight of the day was the signing of a working agreement between the Drivers/Car owners and MYRIDE PAP Limited

In attendance was Rayan Kanyadong of DPS,Lancey Marley (CDCA Mombasa),Mavoko digital group Chairman Juma Sylvester and Steve Thiru from Kabete self help group among other leaders.

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