Raila, Ngilu condemn rising cases of GBV

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By Mourice Seretta

ODM leader Raila Odinga has decried the increase in gender based violence, mostly cases of spouses killing one another in domestic fights.

In a tweet on his handle on Tuesday the former prime minister called for an urgent national discussion on Gender Based Violence (GBV), adding that the abnormality of the murders cannot be allowed to become the norm.

Raila said it is unfortunate that after winning their partner’s heart, instead of going on to cherish and love them, some suddenly turn physical, and at times horrifically end up killing them.

He said too many lives are being lost on an almost daily basis going by media reports.

Raila said this scourge must come to an end.

“This scourge must come to an end. The abnormality of these murders cannot become the normal No! If you cannot reconcile, then, leave and let live,” said Raila.

Earlier on, Kitui Governor Cgarity Ngilu had also posted on her social media a post condemning the same.

Ngilu said it was time the GBV that has been on the rise in the country was dealt with once and for all.

“I wish to condemn, in the strongest terms, the increase in senseless killings of women all over the country. The recent murder of Christine Nyokabi in Kasarani by her boyfriend is just one of the many cases of women who have been murdered over the last two years and their cases have remained unresolved. These women who are being killed are in the prime of their life, with young children to look after. This is a national crisis which must be addressed by all leaders.” Ngilu posted.

Ngilu said it was also time a national conversation was held on the crisis and so that urgent measures are taken to prevent more murders of innocent women.

She further went ahead and listed all women who had been murdered in cold blood in the recent past.

“I am aware that there are many other cases of women who have been murdered in our villages and towns but the cases go unreported. Of great concern is the fact that the perpetrators of these heinous crimes against women are still walking free and probably killing other women.I am calling on all leaders in Kenya to raise our voices against this dangerous culture of murdering women, which is slowly taking root in our country.” Ngilu added.

She urged the security agencies to take serious measures to investigate and take action against the perpetrators of these heinous crimes also urging the media to report these cases objectively in a manner that does not victimize the victims.

“When the media reports possible reasons for the murder such as love triangle, deal gone sour etc, the media is inadvertently justifying these murders and in effect reducing the national outrage of these murders. Our women must feel secure in their homes, in their businesses, in the universities and in any other areas where they earn their livelihoods.I urge all Kenyans to stand up and say ENOUGH IS ENOUGH…..‘STOP THE MURDER OF OUR WOMEN’! She offered.

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