Two minors defiled in Mwingi and poisoned, one succumbs

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Two minors aged 2 and 17 years were defiled Monday night by an unknown person who also poisoned them.

The two were sleeping at home in Thitha, Mwingi Central Sub-County, Kitui when the perpetrator broke into their home, defiled them before poisoning using pesticide.

The 17 year old form two student said that after the perpetrator broke into the house, she screamed but he choked her till she became unconscious and suspects that she was defiled while unconscious.

She said after waking up, she found a pesticide in their room that’s when she notified their mother of what happened.

The mother rushed the duo to hospital but the young one succumbed before they got to the hospital for treatment.

Regina Kyambia, Mwingi Level 4 hospital Nurse in charge confirmed that the minor had been raped and there were features of poisoning.

She added that the patient who was brought in a bad shape is now in stable condition.

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