BIO launches the first ever annual sustainability report

By Mourice Seretta  

Bio food products limited on Thursday 22nd April launched its first ever Annual Sustainability Report that offered a full review of the sustainability program, water conservation, recycling, packaging and CO2 footprint for the year 2019/20.

The launch that was graced by Principal Secretary for Environment and Forestry Dr. Chris Kiptoo showed that6 Bio food Products limited had achieved reductions of CO2 emissions, reduction in water consumption, making their packaging more sustainable and creating a working environment where Bio team can thrive.

“Sustainability is a core pillar to our business since 2017. It is at the heart of everything that we do at Bio. We want to create a business that not only produces the cleanest, best tasting and healthiest products but also takes into account our social and environmental impact, both now and in the future,” said the Executive Chairman Bio Food Products, Joachim Westerveld.

In addition to the report launch, Bio Food Products also announced that they were carbon neutral as certified by One Carbon World. That meant, as Bio, they had achieved net zero carbon dioxide by balancing emissions with carbon removals. It promotes global balancing of emissions while emission reduction strategies are being implemented.

“We believe that all people should have access to clean, healthy and nutritious food. Now and in the furure. Sustainability is thus at the heart of everything we do at Bio. Whether it is in product development, route planning of our distribution trucks or running of our factory, we make decisions that consider the wellbeing of people and planet,” said the Managing Director Bio Foods Products, Eelco Weber.

Principal Secretary for Environment and Forestry Dr. Chris Kiptoo (2nd left) peruse the Bio Food Products Limited Report during its annual launch in Nairobi on 22nd April 2021. (PHOTO Kelvine Majanga)

On his part, PS Dr Kiptoo lauded Bio Food Products for the launch of the report and offered that the government was doing much to ensure that such reports come out form many an industry.  

The report contributes to different sustainable goals (SDGs) from the team’s wellbeing to the planet wellbeing. This ranging from Climate Action, Good Health and Wellbeing, Responsible Consumption and Reduction, Clean Water, and many others when it comes to engaging their supply chain and partners.

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