KPA readies for commissioning

By Tobby Otum

Kenya Ports Authority [KPA] equipment worth millions of shillings was shipped to Lamu Port in readiness for the facility’s official commissioning and operation.

The loading of equipment along berth number 20 and its shipment to Lamu county is historical as it is the first shipment between the two ports.

Lamu port senior manager Ernest Mbalanya was at hand to witness the shipment over the weekend.

While addressing journalists during the shipment which included terminal tractors he said this will be the first batch being loaded from the port of Mombasa.

He said the flat bed tractors and forklift are being shipped to Lamu ahead of the commissioning of the Lamu port after the completion of three out of the total of 32 berths being built at a cost Sh 40 billion.

“The China Communication Construction Company has been at the site since 2015,” he pointed out.

Mbalanya said the shipment is a sign of good things to come as KPA is ready to begin operations at the facility.

Kenya Ports Authority [KPA] equipment being loaded into a baggage along berth number 20 at the port of Mombasa in Mombasa county for shipment to Lamu port in Lamu county. The official shipment of the equipment is being done ahead of the official commissioning of Lamu county facility.

The Lamu port official told journalists the second batch of the equipment will be shipped to Lamu at the end of this month and it will be manly Rubber Tyred Gantry [RTG] cranes for yard operation and Kenya Revenue Authority [KRA] scanner machines.

Mbalanya said there is no cause for alarm on the tropical cyclone Jobo arguing that the trip along the coastal strip is being guided by experts.

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