Kiunjuri says he is ready to negotiate with anyone politically

By James Macharia   

The Service Party of Kenya (TSP) party leader Mwangi Kiunjuri has said he is ready to negotiate with any political leader ahead of the 2022 General Elections.

Kiunjuri who was sacked as Agriculture Cabinet by President Uhuru Kenyatta also says he is ready to engage Jubilee Party Vice Chairman David Murathe.

Speaking on a vernacular local television, Kiunjuri said that he holds no grudges with anyone and that his aim is to unite people across the board and in particular those from Mt Kenya.

Kiunjuri briefly and clearly said that Mt Kenya harbors a considerable fraction of National votes tally, and therefore, they should remain united for their own good in future.

In the exclusive interview, Kiunjuri said that the motive of coming up with his TSPparty was to amplify the voice of the common mwananchi, not only from Mt Kenya but nationally. He also said that he opted to form the party to keep off unnecessary ouster of political leaders from the party, a vice that has of late became rampant as the state gears towards the 2022 polls.

Prior to the formation of the party, Kiunjuri served in the Ministry of Agriculture appointed by President Uhuru, but later kicked out in the wake of sudden evasion of locusts which left a trail of agricultural destruction.

Though Kiunjuri said that he cannot join the United Democratic Alliance (UDA) party associated with Deputy President William Ruto, he said that he supports DP Ruto’s apirations.

Kiunjuri denied allegations that he has been promised the post of a running mate if Ruto runs for presidency.

“Nobody has promised me a position. I’ll have to go to people and tell them this is what I want.”  Said Kiunjuri.

He also said that parties should be left to sell their own manifesto to Kenyans, however minor they can be.

“There’s no small political party. Every party should be left to speak to the common people,” he added.

He said that the aim of his party is to command a national appeal and that a journey of miles starts with a single step.

Responding to a question as to how much he can rate president Uhuru’s performance, Kiunjuri said that Uhuru has done a lot.

He rated him at 65-70 per cent, but added that if he completed the projects he already started before the general elections, he can tick the 80 percent mark.

However, he maintained that the only person who’d pick from Uhuru is his deputy William Ruto, since they started the journey as one.

He also agreed that there are negotiations which are ongoing between a section of Mt Kenya leaders and DP Ruto, though the interests of the common mwananchi have been placed first, then political positions will play the second fiddle.

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