A note to the ladies

By Tabitha Micere 

Ladies, stay away from these sponsors you have nicknamed ‘wababa’.

First of all, adultery is a sin. This married men will bring you nothing but misery.

Don’t you even feel embarrassed flaunting things that you cannot afford to your friends? Yet deep down you know how you acquired them?

Yes, you will enjoy the money, get the designer bags, go for those vacations etc, but don’t forget you will have to pay the price for all that.

No man and I repeat, no man can go and work hard for his money and give it to you for free. Unless he is your father!

In most cases the sponsor asks for sexual advances.  What if he refuses to use protection and is sick? What if he gets you pregnant? Will you take home a married man old enough to be your father to your parents?

Out of a population of 7billion worldwide you cannot tell me someone’s dad is the best you can do. Live a life your parents can afford or rather hustle for your own money. You are actually more attractive when you are a lady and have your own money!

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