Interfaith Council welcomes President’s move to lift lockdown and opening of churches

By Winfridah Muthee

Following the directive given by His Excellency the President on his labour day address on 1st May, graciously lifting some of the restrictions in the counties that were under a partial lockdown with restriction of movement in Nariobi Kiambu,Nakuru,Machakos and Kajiado.

The Interfaith Council for National Response to Corona Virus Pandemic has on 4th May 2021 indicated with regard to the places of worship in keeping with the presidential order.

The Interfaith Council says that churches will continue following the guidelines already issued for places of worship especially in regards to all the necessary precautions and preventive measures.

The Council says the in-person worship can resume in all regions following the one third capacity of the places of worship. This will be achieved by strictly adhering to the1.5m social distancing without any extra persons standing or sitting in the corridors.

Where possible the services can be held in open places,keeping strict social distancing of 1.5m without exception, with large circulation spaces.

The council also clarified that the worship services should last no longer than 120 minutes and worshipers must avoid any common use of water or shared items.

Archbishop Anthony Muheria Chairman, Interfaith Council said that it is paramount that Kenyans should not lower their guard in adhering strictly to the wearing of masks at all times in the worship service, the washing of hands with soap or sanitization before and after the service and sanitizing of all microphones and shared material, regular sanitizing of the places of worship and adequate social distancing in the places of worship.

Archbishop Anthony Muheria also said food should not be offered in funerals and in worship gatherings as these propagate the infections spread.

He also appealed to Kenyans to remain vigilant to the dangers this pandemic still poses even as the restrictions are lifted

Religious leaders are therefore asked to reiterate the importance of the preventive measures especially of wearing masks at all times in all public places.

The Interfaith Council urges all Kenyans to get vaccinated as this is the most definite way to contain the power of the virus.

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