Speaker Muturi rules out amending BBI Bill on floor of the house

National Assembly Speaker, Justin Muturi, Tuesday afternoon ruled out further amendments to the Constitution Amendment Bill 2020 maintaining that parliament can only debate and submit the public initiated bill to the president in its current form.

While making a ruling on several matters that had been raised by a group of Member of Parliament on the bill, the speaker cautioned that by doing so parliament will be going against the constitution which clearly stipulates the role of parliament in such a situation.

According to the speaker attempts by the parliament may override the intended intention and purposes of the promoters of the bill.

The speaker however clarified that he will use the privilege accorded to him by parliament to do corrections on typographical and cross referencing error in the document before it is submitted to the president.

The speaker has also dismissed claims that the document was not properly before the house maintain that all the laid down process were followed.

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