Nadia Mukami off the market

By Tabitha Micere

It seems like musician Nadia Mukami is off the market!

The ‘maombi’ hit maker took to her instagram page and posted a photo of her and her new bae who goes by the name Priyan.

She went on and praised him for being understanding.

She captioned it, ‘’Despite everything they have said about me today, you have showered me with love I am just smiling here next to you. Being in the limelight, you need someone who loves you for you. Someone who sees you outside the fame, money, attention, gossip, ridicule and insults. Someone who speaks to your soul and you are just that! I should have met you earlier to experience this kind of love but I know it’s not too late…’’

However, netizens do not seem to believe that that is her new babe. Many think that it is part of her strategy to release a new music video.

It will be a matter of time to get to know whether she is really out of the ‘market’ or it was just ‘showbiz’ on social media.

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