Kananu: Digitising land records will curb land fraud in the city

Nairobi Deputy Governor Ann Kananu has hailed the recently unveiled National Information Management System(NLIMS)
which aims to enhance the security of land records, speed up land transactions and curb fraud.

The DG believes that the new system will help identify all public spaces in Nairobi,noting that the county government will work closely with the national government to ensure that such land is protected.

The new system was  unveilled by President Uhuru Kenyatta and has the ability to enable users to search and carry out various land transactions online, thereby cutting out middlemen and fraudsters.

Nairobi City County Deputy Governor and acting Governor, Ann Kananu with Lands County Executive Charles Kerich

It is also expected to take shorter, from 72 days to one day.

“Nairobi has in the past suffered from a lot of land fraud and illegal land transactions. Taking this processes online will help  eliminate this by reducing human interaction.” Kananu said.

The first phase saw the  introduction of a wholly digital registry in Nairobi, and another 20 counties will follow by the end of the year.

“There are however some aspects that still require alignment  with the law to facilitate digital transactions e.g. sectional properties (or apartments) need to be brought under the Sectional Properties Act, 2020,” she added.

She also noted that many title deeds need to be regularised to avoid easy duplication by fraudsters.

The platform will also assist court processes and investigative agencies to curb fraud in the land sector. 

The platform if well used will also allow City Hall to register increased revenues from land rates, as well as improve urban planning.

Ms Kananu noted that the system will complement the Geographical Information Systems(GiS) based mass valuation roll that the NCCG has developed.”

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