Cate Warugurus Husband Peter Waweru now claims female politician he rejected behind his marital woes.

Laikipia county women rep Cate Waruguru’s Husband Peter Waweru has defended his wife Cate Waruguru over the fake social media reports that she had attacked his ex wife Zipporah Njoki.

Waweru revealed that Kirinyaga Women Rep Wangui Ngirici,whom he had rejected her love proposal was the one behind the fake news shared on social media just to taint his image in public.

“We have this female politician from Kirinyaga who is the County women rep Wangui Ngirici who was begging for my love but I was not interested in her,so she’s now on a mission to fight me back just because of love,and more so to ruin my lovely wife Cate her political career,”Waweru confirmed.

Waweru further confirmed that his fully married to Cate Waruguru and they stay together as married couples.

“I want people to respect my marriage and honorable Cate,and let them know that she’s my second lovely married wife,”Waweru added.

Waweru added that his in the process of divorcing his first wife Zipporah Njoki based in Bamburi Mombasa,but he will continue supporting his three children fully as a father.

“We are in the process of divorcing but I will support my three kids I sired with Zipporah,it’s my responsibility but as far as am concerned Cate is now my wife,”he added.

The revelations comes just a week after Waweru and Waruguru were accused by Zipporah for allegedly attacking her at her Bamburi residence in Mombasa, wanting to push her out of her matrimonial home, allegations refuted by both two lover birds

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