‘He is eating grass’: Woman Retrieves her stolen Ksh660,000 from a thief

My name is Christine Chumo and one week ago I went to the bank to withdraw KSh 660,000 which my husband and I were to use to buy some business goods from China.

I put the money in my car and drove all the way home.

In the middle of my way home, I ran out of fuel and drove to a nearby petrol station to refill my tank. While I was refueling, I received a call from my husband who wanted to know where I was and so as I was talking to him, I unconsciously walked away from my car while talking and making stories with my husband.

We talked for five minutes and I went to the car after the call. I paid the guy from the petrol station and I started driving towards home.

However, two minutes later, I looked at the passenger seat where I had kept the money in brown envelope and it was not there.

I immediately stopped my car to check if I was dreaming and indeed, my money was not there. I drove back to the petrol station because I was sure that the man who had refilled my car tank had stolen the money while I was talking to my husband on phone.

On reaching the petrol station, the man who served me was not there. I tried asking for him but he was not there. He had vanished within two minutes of me driving away. I called my husband and gave him the bad news. He was shocked because he was the one who was to go to China and get the goods for our business the next day.

However, my husband asked me to quickly go home since he knew of a way, we could nab the thief of the money in a very short time. On reaching home he told me the solution was to call Doctor Mugwenu who would make the thief pay and also bring back the money to us.

After calling Doctor Mugwenu, we made an appointment with him that very day because my husband was to travel the very next day. On meeting him, he performed a series of spells that would make the thief’s life unbearable that he would have no choice but bring back the money. Among them was eat grass spell.

On the dawn of the next morning, immediately our neighbour came and knocked on our door and told us someone was eating grass outside. On going outside, we found the guy from the petrol station seriously eating grass while crying.

Beside him was our envelope which had money and my husband took the money. We called the police to handle him and my husband managed to catch his flight to China to buy the goods.

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