“You taste better than my wife my dear,”: I heard my husband saying while having sex with the landlord’s wife.

My name is Helen and three days ago mimi karibu nizimie kwa kushikwa na shock ingine kali because I caught my husband red-handed aki have an affair. That was the worst day of my life. It was tough I tell you.

On that particular Saturday afternoon, I had gone to a women’s chama which I would attend weekly since we would all collect our earnings of the week and save in a joint bank account. On this day, we were to have a minor tea party to celebrate a new member who had joined us. So, I left home after informing my husband that I would take more time in the chama than usual because of the tea party.

After collecting our savings, we were given the bad news that the new member would join the following month since she said she was not ready in that month. Consequently, we did not have our party as earlier planned and we decided to have it after the new member joined us.
I went back home roughly an hour later. I had left my husband watching a movie since on Saturdays he was free. However, on coming back home, I was shocked after finding something queer happening. As I was climbing the stairs to the house since our house was on first floor, I heard loud moans emanating from house.

Sex-like moans and for a moment I was confused and I even thought I was mistaken but on reaching my door my husband was shamelessly having sex with a woman who I did not identify at first.

“ Aa wewe ni mtamu sana. You taste so nice ata unashinda bibi yangu my dear,” I heard my husband tell the woman he was ‘munching’. By this time, I was just frozen at the door, shaking like a twig and utterly confused about what was going on. Then, I identified the woman after I heard her talking.

“ Unafaa unichukue mimi, leave that stupid woman you call your wife. I want to enjoy this kind of sex every day,” the woman told my husband.

Guess who it was? It was the landlord’s wife screwing my husband. Her husband was a military officer based in a foreign country and so time to time she would take other people’s husbands to quench her dry spell. This time round she had managed to seduce my husband.
Suddenly, I felt adrenaline rise within me and I violently pushed open the door and I immediately went to the sitting room where they were both having their sexual escapades.

I descended on the naked woman and started clobbering her with blows and kicks. I called her names and asked her to leave my house, however my husband defended her and said I should leave her alone. That hurt so much.

They both left and the landlord’s wife told me to move out from her house in less than 24 hours. I wailed loudly as my husband left with her. When they left, I called my mother in law whom I told her of what had transpired. Immediately she said I should contact Doctor Mugwenu so that I could save my marriage. I called him that night.

I told Doctor Mugwenu everything and he asked me to see him that very night. On meeting he performed a spell of plagues that would catch my landlady and force her to bring back my husband and also apologise for sleeping with him.

I went home that night after seeing the doctor and I felt peace restored in me because I knew my enemy would soon come to beg for mercy from me. Early in the morning, she came and knocked my house while crying.

“Please forgive me for sleeping with your husband. My breasts are ridiculously painful and huge and my private part is filled with wounds. Please forgive me,” she said while on her knees. Her boobs looked so big and her skin had large wounds. I wanted to laugh at her face but I opted not to.

I told her to bring back my husband and also promise she would never talk to him again which she all did. My husband came back home and also said he was sorry. We are now working on our marriage and he has promised to be a good husband.

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