How TND’s Jonah Ondieki aided ODM win in Bonchari

Momanyi Senior

Jonah Ondieki, a fresh and new entrant in Bonchari Politics finished 4th in the just concluded mini polls but played a huge role for ODM’s Pavel Oimeke’s win in the race that attracted 13 aspirants.

The New Democrats candidate presented his new deal to the of Bonchari but came a distant fourth garnering 1374 votes against the 26,526 total casted votes in the by-election that had an average voter turnout of 50.09% of the 52,955 total registered voters.

The Jubilee party’s Zebedeo Opore who came second with 7,279 votes largely depended votes from Bomokora Sub-location where Jonah Ondieki comes from in his last three wins as a Member of Parliament of Bonchari. The region had never presented a candidate before for the legislative post.

Opore enjoyed the support of Bomokora until recently and according to them, they felt to be left out in development projects as nothing had been done for them in the former M.P’s 15 years stint as Bonchari legislature.

This led to a rebellion against Opore as the area decided to jump out of his ship and direct their support to TND’s Jonah Ondieki, whom they believed could bring them development and be a long term solution to their problems.

The ruling party’s candidate could have easily captured the seat as he narrowly lost to the Orange party’s Eng. Pavel Oimeke who garnered 8,049 votes beating him with only 770 votes, if he maintained his support and dominance in Bomokora.

The M.P elect has called on his opponents in the by-election to come together and work towards making Bonchari and its people great.

Oimeke has promised to ensure the completion of projects put up by his predecessor, the late Hon. Oroo Oyioka and also steer his transformation agenda by developing an economic development agenda, electricity connectivity, improving educational infrastructure among others.

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