Mombasa traders complain of illegal construction of a building in their market

By Tobby Otum

Marikiti Mombasa Traders Association [MTTA] members have complained of being inconvenienced by an ongoing illegal construction of a two storey building at the Mackinon Market area.

They said the ongoing construction work has led to the blocking of feeder streets leading to the market popularly known as Marikiti.

The association’s secretary general Abdirahman Hussein said the businesses of 100 of their almost 800 members have been affected by the construction activities.

He argued the blocking of the streets leading to the market is the highest form of impurity.

“The county as well as the national government have ignored our pleas and have let the construction work continue with impunity,” he said.

Abdirahman added that they were shocked to find construction material blocking the feeder streets leading to their businesses without any warning.

While talking to journalists at the site the MTTA secretary general accused the county government of turning the feeder streets into their parking yards.

Abdirahman told journalists a total 130 traders have closed down their businesses due to the inconvenience caused by the construction activities.

He said he regrets that some association members resorted to taking the law into their own hands while protesting against the construction work.

“We tried to seek assistance from the county but some members ended up taking the law into their hands,” he pointed out.

On her part, an elderly woman Khadija Guiled said the dust as a result of the ongoing construction work has affected their businesses.

She termed the ongoing construction within the famous Marikiti area as illegal and has left them counting losses instead of profits.

“The construction work going along the feeder streets has led to the closure of our business premises,” she pointed out.

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