Embarambamba defends himself after controversial clip of his explicit dancing style surfaced online

By Mourice Seretta 

Gospel artist Christopher Nyangwara Mosioma, alias Embarambamba has come out to defend his name following a viral raunchy video on social media that caused debate from Kenyans as well as his fans.

In a video, the electric artist is seen performing at a party while dancing on top of a lady at a club.

The video attracted a lot of criticism from Kenyans, with the majority questioning his role as a gospel singer in this era.

Embarambamba responded to the criticism saying that people who are condemning him do not understand the context of the song.

“Wakenya wamenihukumu, wakenya wamenitusi, mafans wangu wamekasirika wengine wakisema eti mimi sijaokoka. Lakini wakenya wenzangu, hii video, kabla hujacomment, angalia statement yake kwanza,” he said.

That loosely translates to mean that Kenyans have criticised him, they have insulted him and his fans are mad at him, some saying that he is a Christian. He asks Kenyans before commenting, to look at the statement of the song.

In his defence, Embarambamba who asks for forgiveness from his fans further said that he is not satanic and he was only asking people who are engaging in earthly things like witches and thieves to stop and repent.

“To all my fans, family and friends I have let you down. I wish to apologise about my earlier tweet justifying my actions. I will seriously reflect about everything I did. Its regrettable. Thank you all for the positive criticism, concerns and care,” the controversial gospel artist apologised.

Embarambamba defends himself in this video clip.

He also asks that people should desist from using his antics and comedy clips to get likes and views on their various social media platforms.

Kenya Film and Classification Board (KFCB) CEO Ezekiel Mutua, who has lately been concerned with Embarambamba’s style said that the artist had crossed the line. He had earlier warned that Embarambamba was on his way to harm himself, physically.

“Embarambamba. . .that’s gross You have crossed the line!” Mutua tweeted.

“The issue is not that Embarambamba is a gospel singer doing secular stuff. That’s a personal matter. The issue is that the video is explicit and amounts to indecent exposure!” Mutua said.

“I have always said that the war is not against artistes but against dirty content. There’s a nexus between dirty content and the breakdown of moral values in Kenya. Musicians and film makers must play a part in promoting decency by creating content that conforms to our culture,” Mutua added.

Chief Adminstartive Secretary (CAS) in the Ministry of trade Trade David Osiany waded into the debate and said that what the artist did was gross misconduct and inexcusable.

However, Embarambamba says the song itself which he was performing was condemning the immorality that people have been doing and forgetting their God.

“Jesus came into this world for the sake of sinners. When Jesus was in this world, He sat with the sinners. The reason was that the sinners would be born again and know God,” he said.

“Embarambamba might have let you down. But before we become Deputy Jesus christ’s let’s also reflect on our individual lives. Do we sin? Is it ours to judge other’s?. I might have transgressed, I apologise again to my genuine fans, but I wont give up on my musical journey.” He further said.

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