Nairobi businessman Antony Riungu wants to dethrone Kareke Mbiuki as Maara MP

By Mourice Seretta  

Nairobi entrepreneur and businessman Antony Murithi Riungu has set his eyes on Maara Constituency, in Tharaka Nithi County, come 2022 General Elections.

The constituency is currently being represented by Hon. Mbiuki, Japhet Miriti Kareke.

Riungu who hails from the Constituency in the rural parts of Tharaka Nithi County offers that he was born, grew up and schooled in the area up until when he joined university, hence he understands well what the people of Maara needs.

He says if he is elected to the August House come next year, he will work to ensure that his constituents get what they need, including but not least to economic and social transformation, agricultural transformation, access to quality health services, access to quality education, good infrastructure amongst many others.

Riungu (Right) having a word with his PA. (Photo by Elijah Odanga).

He says, despite the advent of devolution which was meant to enable his constituents get what they deserve, still several sections of the constituency have no good accessible roads despite the area being an agricultural area that produce bananas that need to be in the market on time.

“Maara constituency is among the areas that produce bananas that are available in the market including Nairobi. But it is bad that the farmers do not access the market on time due to the fact that we have impassable roads. That is what I will focus on to ensure that the farmers get what they deserve from their produce,” Riungu says.

On matters youth, Riungu says he will focus on equipping them with relevant skills that will enable them eke a living. He offers that society and the world is changing and what the youth need is not only an education but relevant marketable skills. He adds that he will also focus on mentorship programs to uplift the youth in Maara Constituency.

On SMEs, Riungu says for instance what the sector needs is proper policies that will propel them to prosperity.

“For example, the thriving boda boda sector is thriving because there was a proper policy that guided its inception. Therefore what is needed to uplift the SMEs is proper policies. While in Parliament, that is what I will work to ensure is done,” Riungu explained.

Riungu outlining his plans for Maara Constituency (Photo by Elijah Odanga).

He further says that there was skewed biasness in the manner in which distribution of resources was being done in the constituency promising that when he takes over, he will ensure equitable distribution of resources in Maara.

“There are resources that the government has pumped to constituencies. What needs to be done is to ensure that there is proper and prudent use of the resources to the advantage of the people.” The aspiring MP said.

He said that he has a proven work track record having done much for the Maara prople in the past including educating daughters and sons of Maara, engaging in several school projects, empowering families amongst many other ventures.

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