Banja vows to change the political landscape of Bondo

By Mourice Sereta

The current administration promised Kenyan the youth heaven but It has delivered hell instead.

As a result Banja has resorted to using his money to help jobless youths. This contrasts with the rich who are disconnected from the sufferings of the people as they cut backroom deals to retain power and accumulate more Banja understands the needs of the common mwananchi and helps them to the best of his ability.

Banja has been a consistent evangelist and ambassador of changing Bondo for the better.

Many know him as an honest person that they can rely on based on his firm and consistent advocacy that leadership should empower Kenyans and not enrich a few.He has proven time and time again through even before getting into office that leadership should be selfless and void of selfishness

A friend in need is a friend indeed Banja’s participation in funds drives across Bondo in support of education,infrastruucture, small businesses and mentorship programmes has helped him stand out of the crowd.

Kenyans love a fighter. The person who stands up to great odds is often a hero, regardless of what the fight is about.After years of being the voice of the voiceless many believe that Banja is the right man for the job.

Banja has put his head high inspite of many trying to stop him he has often opted to take the high road and this trait what makes him stand out from other leaders.

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