Two notorious gang members escape lynching in Mombasa

By Tobby Otum

Two Jungle Gang criminals escaped death by a whisker after police rescued them in Nyali constituency.

Drama unfolded when they attacked a man in his house at Kadiria village during day time and left him unconscious before going into hiding in one of the houses in the area.

They engaged members of the public in a cat and mouse game before locking themselves up in the house to evade lynching from the members of the public.

It took the intervention of the police to restrain members of the public who were demanding for their blood.

A contingent of armed police officers bundle two members of Jungle Gang into a police vehicle after rescuing them from being lynched by members of the public in Nyali constituency, Mombasa county.

The few police officers had a hectic time in trying to stop members of the public from torching the house the two suspects were hiding in before police reinforcement arrived at the scene.

The local county police commander Daniel Masaba who arrived with a contingent of armed police officers in two vehicles rescued them and drove away with them to the police station.

He applauded members of public for their effort which led to the arrest of the two who are suspected to belong to a criminal gang in Nyali constituency.

“Let the local residents cooperate with security agencies to address insecurity in the area,” he said.

Nyali county police commander Daniel Masaba addressing journalists at Kadiria village in Nyali constituency, Mombasa county. The police managed to rescue the two members of a criminal gang, the Jungle Gang, from being lynched by members of the public.

The Nyali police boss vowed to ensure they pursue members of criminal gangs in the area.

Masaba put criminals on notice that they were determined to arrest them so that they no longer terrorize area residents adding they will not allow criminal gangs to run the show in the area.

“We are investigating the motive behind the attack on the man who was resting in his house as it may be a vengeance attack,” he pointed out.

The police officer warned those who were with the criminals and helping them to escape that their days are numbered.

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