Why train on transit from Nanyuki caught fire in Sagana

An empty petroleum train on transit from Nanyuki to Nairobi caught fire minutes after it left Sagana station.

There were no casualties reported with those in the train managing to escape unhurt.

The six ‘wagon’ train had just left Sagana train station headed for Nairobi when the train engine went up in flames.

Those in the train cockpit managed to escape and used the fire extinguisher cans they had to control the spread of the fire before firefighters from Murang’a station arrived minutes later.

Caroline Muthoni a resident who was at home preparing to go to church said she saw the train from a distance and after some time could see some smoke coming out of the train.

The fire which is said to have been caused by an electric fault was controlled by fire fighters and damaged part of the train.

But like any other typical accident scene in Kenya, locals, oblivious of the risks began posing for photos as they toured the train that had stalled on its path.

Captain Anthony Mwangi, the lead fire fighter in Murang’a said that they received the distress call at 9:30 in the morning and managed to control the fire using the foam extinguisher. They were able to prevent the situation from getting worse.

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