Dear ladies,


I know many girls will be angry at this but yes, no man should date a mentally broke girl.

For those who do not understand what being a mentally broke girl is, it’s simply:

1. A girl who claims to not have fare to go see someone she claims she loves every time. I mean, if someone loves you she will do everything in her power to see you. Even if it means getting money from her ‘potentials’

2. Someone who can’t call you comfortably on phone for 5 minutes. Every time she is flashing or reverse calling you claiming she doesn’t have airtime. Girls who can’t afford 20 shillings airtime for ‘the love of her life’ apparently.

3. I mean, how do you men cope with dating girls who feel like dating is an occupation. Girls who feel that they should be paid and taken care of. Same way he pays for your nails you should also pay for his haircut.

4. A lady who can’t get her man a birthday gift or valentines gift. But you expect your man to cross borders for you on yours. Don’t be lazy for your man!

5. Ladies who are not understanding. You want to compare your guy to your friend’s boyfriends. If your guy can’t get you what your friend is getting from her guy you should understand that they are not the same. Don’t pressure your man!

By Tabitha Micere.

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