Business mogul Chris Kirubi dies at 80

Businessman Chris Kirubi who is also the Chairman of Capital Group Limited is dead.

Kirubi died at his home at 1pm after a long battle with cancer, the family confirmed on Monday.  

Before his death Kirubi had tweeted wishing his twitter followers a fruitful week

“Top of the morning to you, my dear friend. It doesn’t have to be a tiring Monday. Instead, I bring to you good tidings of favour, success, achievements and happiness in the new week,” he said.

“Give yourself a go towards your success plan. Enjoy today and the rest of your week.”

Kirubi had been suffering from Cancer since 2019.

Kirubi opened up about his battle with cancer for the first time in a brief video in which he appealed to Kenyans to undertake regular medical examinations.

“I hope that when you see me and think of me, you remember that cancer is treatable and curable. Go to your doctor and prompt them to profile your blood for cancer cells.

“We will only defeat cancer if we do something about it and I truly believe we can start with regular cancer screening tests which can catch some cancers early, when they are small, have not spread and are easier to treat.

“I know that cancer diagnosis can be very devastating to the person who is receiving the news and the people close to them. I have been on the receiving end myself,” he said.

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