Why Ladies Keep Fighting For Me, See What I Did

I used to live in one of the biggest slums within city as I had no job. I was leading a desperate life as my future was destined at wobbling in absurd poverty. Nobody would wish to associate with me since I was a true definition of poverty. I was kicking life at the tail end. I tried to look for a job in different firms and agencies, companies and factories, Non-Government Organizations and Parastatals but I was promptly turned away.

I tried all means to irk a living within the city but life was not favouring me. My landlord kicked me out of his over rent areas of over Ksh10k that had accumulated for five months.

Even my wife divorced me when things were not working from my end. I had no one to wipe tears of sorrow, stress and poverty. As much as I had the urge to bang women and engage in intimacy affairs, I was on the grill end of stress since no city Lady can offer her well preserved private to a poor man with no future.

I tried to extensively figure it out on how I can get a love portion from the rich sugar mummies and single ladies who will even help me to settle my bills. I gained unfathomable courage and decided to try my luck on the road side and bump into these women driving beautiful expensive cars.

I went along Jogoo road and stopped a nice, beautiful Lady who was driving a V8. In her own senses, the lady knew that I was a beggar and I had nothing to offer her so she drove off.

Courageously, I stood in front of another woman’s car and created a dramatic scene along a busy road. I proposed to her but instead called the police to arrest me for causing unnecessary traffic hurl.

I was charged for causing an illegal traffic jam and ordered to pay ksh120k as the bail or serve a jail term of not less than six months.

Obviously, I couldn’t raise the aforementioned money so I resorted to serve a jail term of six months at Industrial Area Police cell. Fortunately, after serving the six months in the cell, I was released as I tried to track how to survive in the city.

My friend who also had a similar situation but was helped referred me to a renown herbalist identified as Dr. Mugwenu who helps people with many problems and life challenges. The next day I visited Dr. Mugwenu’s offices to seek for help.

A day after Dr. Mugwenu attended to me, i didn’t believe that a series of flossy women started following me as others made endless phone calls. As I speak today, I’m absolutely a living testimony that Dr Mugwenu heal, treats and helps all various of life challenges ranging from marriages, diseases, businesses, jobs etc. For consultations call +254740637248/E-mail mugwenudoctors@gmail.com or visit www.mugwenudoctors.com

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