No Robbery Will Happen In My Compound Again, See What I Did

My name is Cyphreen, I own various business entities, several apartments, more than 7 business trucks and a number of valuable items within my homestead in Runda, Nairobi.

In September 12th 2015, a gang of armed robbers stormed by homestead at night at around 2pm. They broke into my house through the window panes and got my son who was yet to sleep to lie on the floor and they tied him his hands and legs.

My wife wasn’t around because he had travelled to US for a governmental business trip. I was just alone with my son. The security officer had been taken to unknown location after they sandwiched him in a black car with sealed number plate.

They took all the values items in the house including the electronic items, took away all the money for basic use in the house, carried all my clothes and a many other items. When I tried to call the police, they snatched off my phone and offered me some countless kicks and blows as I sprinkled on the floor in pain.

I reported the matter to the police the next morning but unfortunately, the assailants couldn’t be traced. I lost my properties to the thieves. I was really hurt as this spined me down to the drawing board. I can’t tell how they deconstructed the CCTVs since there was no footage that can be traced.

Again, in October 3rd 2016, a similar incident happened to me as unknown four assailants blocked me on the road just a few metres to my house and took away my phone, laptops, my wallet which had credential items such as ATM card and other business documents and eloped with Ksh750,000 since I was coming from the bank.

I was really disturbed and I didn’t know what to do recover my items. I reported the incidence go the police station but all the efforts to trace my phone went in vain. Losing my important business documents was one of the stressful moment that I had gone through.

However, a friend who had also been subjected to losing his valuable items through robbery referred me to Dr. Mugwenu who helped him from such robbery challenges. Dr. Mugwenu’s protection spells have played a great part in my life. Now I feel so secure and confident. My farms, home, cars and business, I’m so sure that they are safe because it’s now coming to 4 years since I contacted him and no robbery has since then been done to my home not even my car. I can now drive through any area at any time.

I can confidently ascertain that Dr Mugwenu heals, treats and helps all various of life challenges ranging from marriages, diseases, businesses, jobs etc. For consultations call +254740637248/E-mail or visit

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