What I Did For My Step Mother To Love Me

I lived happily with my parents in the outskirts of the city. My parents were extremely rich since my dad was an ambassador of a certain NGO and my mother was senior person in the country’s political class. I was the only child my parents had and this opened for me a Pandora box of privileges associated to a single child in a family.

I used to enjoy life to the brim. During my High School time, my pocket money only, could calibrate to something close to Ksh100k. To say it all my parents loved me. However, my took life a challenging discourse following my mother’s untimely demise in a road accident. Stress engulfed me as I thought of how my life will be without the family’s pillar.

I couldn’t believe that my lovely mother was no more. I had no one left to lean my shoulder apart from my dad. I kept asking my father on how he will live without her loving and caring wife. I looked directly into his eyes and I could actually see a thumbnail of tears rolling his cheeks. He was tongue-tied and remained wordless as we laid my mother to rest.

After a year of sorrow and heart-scars that were slowly healing, my father decided to acquire his bedmate who was my step mother for instance. The few months after marriage, my family relationship with my step mother diminished as we started quarrelling over flimsy matters.

I tried to privately speak to my father over the looming family wrangles between me and my step mother but it reaped no fruits. Our differences was coming intense to the extent that she even threatened to take me to the village for allegedly being stubborn and causing discomfort in her new marriage.

I vividly remember a distressful incident where she had poisoned my food with Rat and Rat poison so that I can die after eating it. Fortunately, I gave the food first to our cat to attest whether it was safe for my health. The cat died on the spot. I couldn’t believe that my step mother had reached a point of killing me with a poison. I tried to inform my father over the unbelievable incident but he ignored me. I was stressful and I didn’t know what to do.

However, I got a lifetime solution after my friend suggested that Dr. Mugwenu would help me solve the family deferences with my step-mother since he also had a similar challenge his step mother but was sorted out by Dr. Mugwenu within just three days. The next day I went to Mugwenu Doctor’s offices where I was attended to. A day after i returned home, my step mother started talking to me nicely and we are currently in solid good terms after i applied the oil I was given by Mugwenu doctors. He later apologized due to his deeds. We lived happily as a family again. For consultations call +254740637248/E-mail mugwenudoctors@gmail.com or visit www.mugwenudoctors.com

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