I started an affair with a woman next door whom my wife warned me of her . She did this to teach me a lesson

I know my wife likes remaining alone in silence. I have rarely found her nagging with other women on the plot.

I always asked her why she does not like spending sometime with fellow women and she told me she doesn’t feel comfortable with that kind of life. That she is not that type.

However, after a very longtime she decided to open about her decision to remaining indoors most of the time even when she is idle.

“I want to tell you something baba Jose,” she reckoned as I listened carefully.

“I don’t like talking to my neighbor next door because she is no a good woman. I was told she is a notorious husband snatcher who has messed up two marriages on this plot. I am afraid of her,” she told me.

I asked her, “My dear so what makes you fear her if she has not strayed to your lane. Unless you have another reason,”

But my wife looked at me directly and told me she has been overheard planning to wreck our house. That she has witchcraft she can apply and in just a single stroke of a finger, any man falls for her.

Sadly, after my wife had shared the story with me and dismissed it on arrival, next day when I was just strolling around the market after job in the evening, I met the neighbor by coincidence and she greeted me in my hand, someothing she had ever done.

She also afforded a smile as she looked me straight into my eyes. I felt some strange feeling of love and tenderness.

It never crossed my mind that my wife had warned me before about this woman. She started looking very attractive and beautiful from that time when she greeted me.

I came back to my house and from that day, never had to love my wife the way I used to. Infact on the very same evening I quarreled her over a very small matter. My love for her started to fade and shifted to the neighbour who every morning made sure she bids me bye from her door step as I drove for job.

Our marriage started crumbling steadily as my wife became dissolutioned; she was never happy anytime I came home since she knew there was nolonger love in our house.

She asked me if we can relocate to another house away from where we lived but I instantly rejected that proposal.

She had to run away from me back to her parents’ home. On my side, I was left with all the freedom with the neighbor now taking control. I thought I had won.

However, after just two weeks, I started missing my wife again, I felt like something had gone a miss. I wanted her home very fast.

I organized to go and pick her at their home and luckily found her there sited comfortably with her mother chatting.

I was remorseful for the pain I had inflicted on someone who loved me during my difficult days. Someone who sacrificed her life for me when I was nothing.

I talked to them when I was told to go back as they make arrangements on how she will be back after a week or so. I was not convinced though since I wanted her back immediately.

Luckily, she kept her promise and returned. We moved from where we were staying to another estate she wanted.

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