Sossion resigns as KNUT’s National Secretary General

By Mourice Seretta 

The Kenya National Union of Teachers (KNUT) National Secretary Genreal Wilson Sossion on Friday resigned from the post.

Addressing the media from a Nairobi hotel and flanked by his family members, Sossion who had served the union as SG for 8 years said he will move on to continue with his legislative work, being an ODM (Orange Democratic Movement) nominated Member of Parliament.

“I have outgrown KNUT. My responsibility now shifts to Parliament,” he said.

Sossion pledged to continue his fight for trade union members adding that so much had been achieved under his tenure.

Sossion alleged TSC was out to cripple KNUT, and consequently hoard control of teachers’ welfare.

“However, KNUT success story has not gone without hitches and challenges which I still believe were stage-managed by people with ulterior motives and enemies of trade unionism and who also thought that Sossion was a threat to State security. I believe that a strong Union is not good for the government which is a great fallacy. A strong trade union is good for quality education,” he further stated.

Sossion resigned on the eve of union elections citing failure by the government to support his leadership.

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