Sprite re-launches its green colored bottle to a clear bottle

As part of its World Without Waste strategy, The Coca‑Cola Company is moving away from its iconic green packaging to fresh, new clear PET plastic bottles for its sparkling lemon-lime drink, Sprite.

Hence, you will as from today 25th June 2021 be seeing new clear bottles rolling out on shelves of all plastic Sprite bottles nationwide.

Cocacola, the manufactures of the beverage says the move is part of a push to make the bottles more recyclable.

“Technically, green-colored plastic is recyclable but it is a challenge to reuse that material in the form of high-quality, food-grade recycled PET. And that’s really what we’re after.” The company says.

Most recycling facilities use mechanical recycling, meaning that after plastic bottles are sorted and cleaned, they’re ground up into small flakes that can be melted into new material. If the plastic is dyed, it can’t easily be turned back into clear plastic, so it’s less valuable for the overall market.

“It’s a widely known challenge across the recycling industry but the reality is that even though it may be something that we can do on a small scale, or in a lab, it’s not yet commercially available at a large scale,” the company further says.

The color green isn’t going away entirely, since the company still plans to use it on labels and in glass bottles.

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