Blogger Robert Alai arrested for allegedly assaulting singer Ringtone

Blogger Robert Alai was on Friday arrested and detained at the Kilimani Police Station on allegations of beating artist Ringtone Apoko with a wooden club.

The two accused each other of obstruction in a scuffle that began on Loitoktok Road and spread to Dennis Pritt and Likoni Roads.

Mr. Alai was accused of hitting Ringtone’s car at a roundabout on Loitoktok road. 

Although the genesis of the drama remains unclear, several videos showed what is believed to be Mr Alai’s car blocking the musician’s car.

In one of the videos, the musician can be seen picketing from top of his car before crossing to Mr Alai’s car and demanding an explanation.

“Amenigonga, amenizuia kwa roundabout,” Ringtone lamented during the incident “Kwanini unanipiga”.

Alai who was driving a Subaru Outback got out of his car carrying a rungu and scolding Ringtone.

Another video showing Ringtone with what appeared to be blood on his face emerged but the alleged assault was not captured.

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