County Attorney Kwamboka Refutes Corruption Allegations by MCAs

By Shadrack Nyakoe

Nairobi City County Attorney Lydia Kwamboka has dismissed allegations leveled against her by City legislatures on abuse of office, corruption and nepotism.

She has said bitter truth behind the motion on her removal from office is to bring someone to take over her office in order to play ball to some illegal demands from a section of MCAs.

She said her wars began when a colleague was sent with a threat to approve ksh 150 million to a certain law firm within two days failure to which she would be unseated.

“It’s not the civil society it’s actually some disgruntled MCAS who are unhappy because I have always refused to approve some fictitious legal fees. I have always received threats of being removed from office because I’m not playing ball.They have decided to make good their threats.They are not bold enough to bring the petition in their own names because they know their mischief. I challenged them to avail the petitioner during the hearing in accordance with the Fair Administrative Act 2015 but they declined to do so and instead asked for written submissions which I did,” said Kwamboka.

She added that the legal and justice committee refused to bring her accuser, Mark Ojiambo for her to cross examine him on the allegations.

“I was never even supplied with the Petition by the said John Mark Ojiambo. The Justice and legal committee has no legal capacity to interrogate my employment yet I was vetted and approved by the same assembly. After my approval they were rendered functus official.Therefore have no powers to remove me from office,” she added.

She stated that the County Attorney Act 2020 stipulates that the power to remove the County Attorney rests with the County Governor with the approval of the County Assembly and not the other way round.

Kwamboka has maintained that she’s in office legally and she will continue serving Nairobi residents in accordance to the law.

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