Drama as Machakos School Principal is Caught Chewing Parent in the Office

When you love someone, you will always know when they are up to mischief. I don’t know if this applies to everyone, but I know it is true because I always know when my husband is doing illegal stuff.

Unlike most Kenyan feminists, I am not going to divorce my husband, at least not now. We have four beautiful children together and we are both flying in our careers. He is a principal at a leading school in Machakos County.

We also have several investments together. I don’t think anyone would want to leave that for another woman to enjoy the fruits of my labor.

But that doesn’t mean I would share my husband with another woman. NO! That is also out of the equation.

That’s why I had to take immediate action after I found a disturbing text message on Frank’s phone last month.

“Today was so wonderful sweetie, I climaxed several times,” the message said. The number had been saved as Textbook Center. How can textbook center climax several times?

I decided I was not going to ask my husband about this because he would just deny it and make me look like a fool. I remembered a friend of mine, who told me how she tamed her husband after she found him cheating.

I called this friend. Mary disclosed to me that she had gotten help from Dr. Mugwenu. According to her, Mugwenu was the best thing to happen to her life after sliced bread. I asked for the doctor’s number which she gave me. The number was: +254740637248

I immediately called Mugwenu and explained my problems to him. I told him I wanted to catch my husband so he cannot deny that he was cheating. The doctor told me that was easy.

A few days later, I drove to my husband’s school to pick him up for an important family meeting. When I got to his office, the secretary was not there so I just entered. Alas! I found him sweating on top of another woman.

“Is this Textbook Center?” I asked angrily. My husband was lost for words. He just nodded before he started begging me for forgiveness. I realized that the other woman was a parent at the school. My husband had taken advantage of her after she failed to raise school fees.

I told my husband that the said student will study free with immediate effect. I forgave the woman.

Back to doctor Mugwenu, I asked him to ensure that my husband will never erect whenever he tries to cheat. I don’t think he will attempt to cheat, but just in case.

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Mugwenu is very confidential and will never share anything about his patients. In fact, I am writing this because I have seen miracles and want to help other people.

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