Kisii Woman Taught Notorious Nairobi Fraudster a Lesson

Never joke with someone’s sweat for you don’t know what they are going through.

Last year, I decided to go to Saudi Arabia after everything failed to work here in Kenya. I hoped that I would get a good job and hopefully pay school fees for my children.

I had broken up with my husband who spent more time in chang’aa dens than with his own family. I came to Nairobi, hoping to get connections with someone to take me to the Middle East.

I was introduced to some woman called Wanjiru. She told me she had taken several women to the Middle East. These women, she said were earning at least Ksh 50,000 every month, working mostly in banks and other white collar jobs.

However, to land such a job, I had to part with Ksh 150,000. That was not a lot of money considering the fact that I would recover it in 3 months. She also said that I would be provided with full accommodation and meals while abroad. It made a lot of sense.

I went back home to Kisii and convinced my brother to sell his piece of land to facilitate my travel, promising to repay the money in 3 months. I brought the money to Wanjiru.

Immediately she got my money, she started behaving weirdly. First, she started talking about paying some fees for medical checkup. This, she said was mandatory if I needed to travel. I had to part with Ksh 10,000 for the medical.

However, after I paid this money, Wanjiru refused to pick my calls completely. I went to her office and found and made a very huge padlock.

I realized very quickly that I had been conned in this Kanairo. I needed to save myself. Unlike most people, I wasn’t going to let her get away with my money.

I reached out to the famous herbalist Doctor Mugwenu, through his website. Mugwenu told me he would help me recover my money within days.

I told the doctor that I needed Wanjiru to serve as a lesson to other conmen who take advantage of desperate women.

When I went back to her office two days later, I found her family desperately looking for me. They said, Wanjiru was eating pillow cases in the house and crying as she shouted my name. They needed me to help her.

I asked her for a full confession. She said she had conned more than 100 people, with promises of taking them to the Middle East. The family agreed to refund all the money she had stolen.

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