Wife Confesses to Cheating on Her Husband With His Dad

When my mum passed away last year, I had no choice but to ask my wife to go back to the village to help my dad.

The old man is diabetic, he needs special care especially when it comes to timely meals. My mum used to be everything to him. But with her gone, it would only be a matter of time before she also died.

As the only son, I had to ensure my dad was OK. I therefore asked my wife and our young daughter to go back upcountry, hoping that I would be traveling every weekend to see them.

Everything was ok at first. When I went to see my family the first time, I found my dad in a jovial mood. It seemed that he had gotten over my mum’s loss. He was eating his meals well and the diabetes hadn’t affected him as I had feared.

I was also happy with the great things he said about my wife, his daughter in law. He said she was a good cook and a very intelligent woman. According to my dad, I was lucky to have her. I should have taken that as the first warning but I didn’t and it came back to bite me.

A few days after I came back to Nairobi, my employer fired several people due to COVID-19. I was lucky not to be fired but it meant I had to work including weekends. So no more going home to check on my family.

One evening, I remember I was working night shift and decided to call  my wife at around 11 PM. It is my young daughter who picked the phone. She told me, her mum had gone to her grandfather’s house. What was my dad doing with my wife at midnight?

I started developing suspicion over what could be happening at home. One day, I asked my wife if they could come to Nairobi for a few days, but she flatly refused telling me that would kill my dad.

I talked to a colleague about this issue with my wife and my dad. He told me that maybe I was overthinking but there was a way I could find out. He said there was a famous herbalist called Doctor Mugwenu who handled such matters.

I contacted the popular Doctor through his website and he called me back immediately. The following day, I was not working. I spent the whole day sleeping. At around 9:00 AM, I got a call from my wife. She was crying.

She told me she was with my dad and they had stuck during sex. I almost broke down. She said she had been having an affair with my dad even before my mum died. I was so broken. I asked Mugwenu to release them because I didn’t want to embarrass my family.

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